Category: Equipment Care

What Coronavirus cleaning protocols mean for your equipment

With the Coronavirus dominating our news feeds, many Pilates studio owners are wondering how to prevent the spread of the virus in their studio.  I’ve seen countless articles on cleaning protocols and discussions on how to (and whether to) keep the doors open when clients might be avoiding crowded spaces. With this heightened emphasis on […]

What to do about your frustrating Revo Springbar

Are you having trouble moving your Revo springbar between gear positions? You aren’t alone! I’ve seen this issue come up over and over again, so I wanted to share a few tips for using and troubleshooting your Revo springbar. The right way to move the springbar First things first, make sure you are using the […]

How to replace those black stopper donut things on Balanced Body wood Reformers

If you have a Studio Reformer by Balanced Body with a Revo springbar (like the one in the photo above) then you may have experienced that black rubber donut stopper looking-thing cracking and falling off.   Not to worry! You aren’t alone. There’s no technical name for this thing, but you can refer to it as […]

How to care for your wood Pilates equipment

One of the most eye-catching aspects of owning wood Pilates equipment is the beautiful furniture-grade construction. It is like owning a handmade heirloom: beautiful, timeless, and durable.   As Pilates instructors we ask a lot of the frame between dragging sitting boxes across them, jumpboard work, standing, heavy footwork or strap work.  They get sweated on, […]

How and when to find a local upholsterer

Ripped, torn, or cut vinyl on your Pilates equipment may not be a safety issue, but it sure ages the equipment.  For some brands and models of equipment, replacing the upholstery and foam doesn’t require and upholstery skills at all!  But for other brands, models, and even parts of a typical setup, custom upholstery is […]

When to replace your Reformer ropes and straps

After a while, your ropes or leather straps will start to look a little worn.  Maybe your ropes start to get fuzzy. They are thick, stiff, and wavy right near where they pass through the pulley.  Or, your leather straps start to crack or come apart at the seams. But is this cause for concern?   […]

Do this to repair your shoulder rest upholstery

One of my absolute favorite feelings is running my hands over brand new vinyl.  The clean, smooth, and uniquely soft feeling of Reformer upholstery is so satisfying, like new car smell. Conversely, cracked, ripped and dented upholstery can make the whole machine feel old.  No matter how much scrubbing, dusting, and tuning you might do […]

Do this to keep your Allegro 2 bumpers from falling off

Picture this: Your clients are right in the middle of footwork, dutifully pressing in and out, coordinating their breath, paying attention to their spinal position, and following all your other cues.  All of a sudden, the next time they bring the carriage in, instead of a soft thump when the carriage hits home, there is […]

How to clean your Wooden dowels and Push-Through Bars

There is nothing less glamorous than picking up your wooden roll-down bar, push-through bar, or gondola pole and feeling your palms stick to the surface.  Yuck! Learn from my mistake: I once spent thirty minutes with some steel wool on a roll-down bar only to end with an ugly, bare piece of wood and a […]

Which cleaners to use on your equipment, and when

Cleaning your Pilates equipment is hugely important for the look of your studio, the feel of each exercise, and the safety of your clients.  There are four different cleaning solutions I recommend for your equipment.  I prefer using all of these in spray form with a microfiber cloth. Water Plain water from your tap is […]