New Equipment vs. Refurbishing Old Equipment

Some of you are looking to add equipment to your studio.  Or, you are looking to replace your current equipment.  How do you know whether to buy new from the manufacturer or scour craigslist and ebay for used equipment?  Is your older equipment worth refurbishing? Owning high quality equipment from Gratz, Balanced Body or PeakRead More

The truth about essential oils and your Pilates equipment

One of the big surprises for my clients is that your Pilates equipment manufacturer probably doesn’t recommend cleaning vinyl with essential oils.  While a diluted solution of tea tree oil is the theoretical ideal choice for many studio owners, the major vinyl manufacturers (Naugahyde and Boltaflex) don’t recommend it. What the manufacturers say Shari BerkowitzRead More

Why your studio’s ambient environment matters

After just 5 months in the deep South, the black bolts on my Reformer are rusting!  Luckily, the parts shown in the image above aren’t load bearing, but it is kind of gross and is indicative of the humidity’s effect on your equipment. While I worked at Balanced Body, I heard about studios on the coastRead More

The truth about Spring Lifespans

Every client I visit asks if they really need to replace their springs every two years.  My short answer: Yes. Here is what the major manufacturers say: From Gratz… The average life of a Gratz Reformer spring is 18 to 24 months if you use your equipment daily or continuously. If the springs show any signRead More