Getting into the tiny spaces

I visited a Stott studio in Gainesville this week, taking much pleasure in the pristine condition of the 8-year old equipment. One of the questions the owner had was how to clean between the headrest and carriage pad.  The gap was too small for a rag to fit, and the vacuum just didn’t suck anythingRead More

First impressions: Rail Condition

When I walk into a studio, one of the first indicators of how well the studio has cared for their equipment is whether or not the Reformer rails are clean.  Rolling on a dirty surface will cause the wheels to start to “shed” leaving black streaks along the rails, as well as gum up theRead More

All About Reformer Side Wheels

Your Reformer has Side Wheels (some people call them Guide Wheels), which control the side-to-side motion of the Reformer carriage.  This means that under each carriage there are usually 8 wheels. Studio Reformers have side wheels that must be adjusted so that there is very little or no side-to-side motion of the carriage.  If thereRead More