Singing Push-Through Bars

Do you have a chorus of singing PTB’s during your Tower classes?  All you need is a little dab of oil and an old rag to lube them up. Take the T-pins out one at a time, wiping the surface and dabbing a little bit of 3-in-1 oil along the axis and re-inserting them.  Swing theRead More

The wheels on the carriage go ’round and ’round

Your wheels have such a huge impact on your Reformer experience.  When they are dirty, grindy, or worn out with flat spots, you feel it.  Many of my clients don’t even notice this degradation because it happens slowly over time.  But once I replace their wheels, they are shocked!  The Reformer all of a suddenRead More

Alternatives to MindBody Online Scheduling Software

MindBody’s Online Business Management Software might be the first solution you think of when you want to automate the scheduling and payment processing for your studio.  But it certainly isn’t the only one.  And, many of my Fit Reformer clients lament it’s expense or ease of use.  So here are a few other options for yourRead More