How to replace those black stopper donut things on Balanced Body wood Reformers

If you have a Studio Reformer by Balanced Body with a Revo springbar (like the one in the photo above) then you may have experienced that black rubber donut stopper looking-thing cracking and falling off.  

Not to worry! You aren’t alone.

There’s no technical name for this thing, but you can refer to it as the Revo donut stopper and both Balanced Body and I will know what you mean.  It’s pretty common that after several years they crack and fall off.

Luckily, they’re easy to order and easy to replace.  You’ll have to order them from your Balanced Body sales rep or distributor, directly, as they aren’t listed on the website.  I recommend ordering a few extra just to have on hand for the next one that goes kaput!

To install the new Revo donut stopper, first make sure the old one is gone.  If it hasn’t fallen off yet, cut it off with a box knife.

Next, make sure the handle that the donut slides on is secure to the pizza slice looking piece of the springbar.  If it isn’t, you’ll have to peel back some of the plastic on the opposite side of the pizza slice and hold the bolt head down with your finger as you twist the handle righty-tighty (clockwise).  If you don’t hold the bolt down, the handle will just spin and spin and spin.

Once the handle is secure, spread some dish soap on the handle and the inside of the donut.  

Slide the donut over the handle until it snaps into place in the groove close to the pizza slice.

Wipe the soap off and you’re good to go!